“ACN, CPC Are Hideous, Second Rate Characters…Suffering From Mental Indolence” – Presidency Lashes Out

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Presidential spokesman, Dr Reuben Abati, has accused the membership of opposition parties in Nigeria, the ACN and CPC as being short of moral character and lacking in integrity in their “campaign of calumny” against the President.

Abati remarked, “we are dealing with such hideous and second rate characters in Nigeria’s public space, belonging to the ACN and the CPC, and that other would-be disaster-prone mongrel called APC, that they won’t even respect the truth.”

He noted that in a release entitled: “President Jonathan’s AU summit gaffe,” Rotimi “displayed such habitual indolence and brainlessness that his heirs must be eternally ashamed of, and which I consider offensive and needlessly disruptive. His subject is the just-ended AU at 50 summit in Addis Ababa.”

Abati added: “I invite more cerebral and decent persons to consider the facts.  President Jonathan ,as the leader of the Nigerian delegation to the AU summit in Addis Ababa and the 50th anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), indeed, put up a sterling performance, using the opportunity of the trip to further promote Nigeria’s interests and to strengthen Nigeria’s relationships with other countries.

“He held bilateral meetings with the UN Secretary General and the leaders of Jamaica, Egypt, Swaziland, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire. He granted interviews to the media, both local and international. He also participated in a special session on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, at which he invited other world leaders to the Abuja+12 conference to be hosted in Nigeria, mid-June.

“President Jonathan is an accomplished diplomat and a responsible leader under whose watch Nigeria’s foreign policy process and international relations have been strengthened with commendable results.”

Adding onto the remarks against Fashakin (CPC spokesperson), Abati said, “the nature of his mental indolence is understandable. In this attempt to pull President Jonathan down at all costs, lies have become standard stuff, mischief a major commodity, and indecency a character flaw.

“President Jonathan does not owe anyone an apology for serving Nigeria diligently and truthfully. Fashakin’s reference to an incident in Australia is also wrong-headed, because the allegation is false.”

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