ACN Edo Conderms Rivers State Fallout

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An action that  transpired on Tuesday in Rivers State that was sure to provoke comments, sure has not seen a short supply of comments as Nigerians both from within and outside the country have continued to join their voices to express thier opinions. Yesterday the Edo State Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) warned that any attempt by five members of the River State House of Assembly to impeach the Speaker of the House or Governor Rotimi Amaechi may mark the end of democracy in Nigeria.

The state chairman of the party, Thomas Okosun who also was former Speaker of the Edo state House of Assembly, said “What happened in River State at the House of assembly where five members of the House attempted to impeach the Speaker in a House made up of 32 members, where only five members who claimed to be loyal to a serving Minister attempts to impeach the Speaker is a rape on democracy. We urge those behind it to desist from that.
“What is happening in Rivers state if allowed can have a rebinding effect in others states of the Federation. Therefore we want to say that what happened deserved all condemnation, it is an attempted coup, it is a rape on democracy and should not be allowed to continue.

Instead those five members should be properly sanctioned and those backing them should be asked to desist from it including the police because it is unheard of that five members in the house want to claim that they can constitute a quorum in a House of 32 members, five members cannot constitute a quorum.

“The worst still is that five members do not constitute 2/3 of 32 members to attempt to impeach the Speaker or anybody. Therefore I want to say that the governor of Rivers State as the chief security officer of the state did well yesterday (Tuesday) and deserved to be supported by all true democrats in this country irrespective of political affiliation

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