Actress Nancy Isime Reveals Reason For Weight Gain

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Nigerian actress Nancy Isime is feeling fantastic after achieving her fitness goals. In a recent Instagram post, Isime opened up about the challenges of transforming her body for different acting roles.

Isime revealed that she gained weight for a role in 2022, intending to lose it quickly for her next project. However, she underestimated the difficulty, with her metabolism taking well over a year to shed the extra weight.

Nancy Isime

Despite the unexpected timeline, Isime remained dedicated to her health and fitness. Not only did she reach her initial weight loss goal, but she surpassed it by a whole 3kg.

Isime expressed her joy at being back at her healthiest weight and achieving a physique that even makes her feel like a supermodel. While playfully declining to share specific weight loss tips, she acknowledged the entertainment value of her journey.

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