Adekunle Gold Confesses Regret Over Song on 6th Anniversary of Album Release

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Popular Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold, sparked a conversation online yesterday (May 26th, 2024) while celebrating the 6th anniversary of one of his albums.

The celebration began with a post on Adekunle Gold’s Twitter page. A fan, going by the handle MOkesola, then questioned the singer if there was a song he had second thoughts about writing. “Is there any song you regret writing?” MOkesola asked.

In a surprising response, Adekunle Gold admitted to a creative misstep. “Lmao! Ha! Ok let me finally say it,” he wrote. ” ‘READY’ “, he revealed as his one regretted song.

Gold explained that in an attempt to recapture the success of his earlier hit “PICK UP,” he ended up replicating the sound with different lyrics. “I wanted to replicate the success of ‘PICK UP’ so I made the exact sound just different story and till today it haunts me,” he said. “Infact, I don’t perform it for that reason.”

“So when you people say give us songs like so so so I just laugh because I will never be able to do that,” Adekunle Gold continued. “Just let me make my art how I know it. My songs are one of one and I’m grateful I can make timeless songs.”

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