Adunni Ade Shares Wisdom in New Post : Be You With No Apologies

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Renowned Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, has recently shared some invaluable advice with her fans and followers, encouraging them to embrace their true selves without any need for apologies. The talented actress took to her Instagram page to impart this wisdom, accompanying her heartfelt words with stunning new photos of herself that exuded confidence and authenticity.

In her Instagram post, Adunni Ade simply stated, “Be You with no apologies!”, inspiring her fans to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.

Amidst recent controversy, Adunni Ade decided to break her silence and address the public accusations leveled against her concerning an alleged debt owed to her late colleague, Murphy Afolabi. The burial committee organizing the 8-day Fidau Prayer for Murphy Afolabi had publicly accused Adunni Ade of owing the deceased N250,000.

However, Adunni Ade’s team issued a statement clarifying the situation and vehemently denying the debt allegations. According to the statement, Murphy Afolabi had indeed approached Adunni Ade in 2021 for a job opportunity and had paid her an agreed sum of N150,000 as compensation. Unfortunately, Adunni Ade faced a tragic personal loss with the passing of her brother, preventing her from fulfilling the agreement. In a commendable display of integrity, she promptly refunded the full amount to Murphy Afolabi when he attempted to negotiate a new arrangement.

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