Africa suffering from intense belief in superstition, spiritual forces – Reno Omokri

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Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has said that the intense belief in superstition is holding Africa back from experiencing development.

According to Omokri, who is also a pastor, many Africans are too quick to attribute their problems to spiritual forces.

This, he said, robs such people of their proactivity and productivity.

Omokri stated this in an X post on Tuesday.

“The thing holding Africa behind is our intense belief in superstition, which makes us believe that spiritual forces are responsible for our progress or problems.

“This robs us of our proactivity and productivity. By refusing to accept that there is a physical relationship between cause and effect, we look for reasons for our challenges outside ourselves, which prevents us from achieving our peak in self-development.

“A typical Black African can go to sleep and have a dream about his neighbour, and the very next day, that neighbour will be his enemy because God has revealed his face to him in a dream.

“A lazy man who womanises and spends any money he can pay his hand on on either wine or women still believes his village people are the cause of his poverty.

“Rather than change the generational bad habits that have perpetuated poverty in his lineage, he runs from one ‘church’ to the other, seeking deliverance from generational curses.

“What is the cure? Only mandatory universal education up to Secondary/High School level can end this mentality.

“Without it, we will keep seeking our fates in the stars rather than in ourselves.

“And as long as we are so minded, we will continue to be the denigrated denizens and downtrodden of the world,” Omokri said.

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