African-American millionaire investor Chris Johnson calls Nigerians “scammers”

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An African-American online trader and investment coach, Chris Johnson aka Wealth Squad Chris has been called out for describing Nigerians as “scammers”.

Johnson, who described himself as a “Self-Made Multimillionaire” on Twitter, said this on Thursday after some persons he did not name impersonated him.

The investment coach, who tweets from @CJ_Johnson17th, said that the persons created fake Twiiter accounts using his name and began to interact with clients who were made to believe they were talking to him.

Johnson shared details of the incident on Twitter alongside a screenshot of one of the fake pages interacting with a client.

The Army veteran said that the scammers were “Nigerian scammers” and warned his clients against falling victims to their antics.

“These Nigerian scammers just watch my page and create fake accounts then DM people with scams.

“Pay close attention to who you’re messaging, don’t sent bitcoins to anybody you don’t know personally,” he wrote to his 116,500 followers.

He later clarified that he knew they were Nigerians after they were “caught”.

However, some Nigerians who took exception to the generalisation called Johnson out and accused him of racial profiling.

Some other Nigerian commentators said that, even if it were true that the culprits were Nigerians, it was disrespectful and condescending for the entrepreneur to insult all Nigerians based on the actions of a minute few.

But an unrepentant Johnson challenged anyone not comfortable with his use of “Nigerian scammers” to unfollow him on the social media platform.

See Johnson’s tweets:

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