Afrobeats Industry Blacklisting? Oxlade Calls Out Gatekeepers and Senior Colleagues

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Nigerian Afrobeats star, Ikuforiji Olaitan, better known by his stage name Oxlade, has thrown the music industry into a frenzy with allegations of being blacklisted. In a recent freestyle session on Glitch Africa, Oxlade unleashed a series of accusations against powerful figures within the industry.

Oxlade claims that certain influential individuals, often referred to as “gatekeepers,” are deliberately excluding him from opportunities. He elaborated on this further, alleging that some established artists, whom he referred to as “OGs” (otherwise known as A-listers), are resorting to blackmail tactics against him.

The singer didn’t stop there. Oxlade also suggested that fellow musicians who have adopted a similar sound to his own are badmouthing him behind his back. While Oxlade provided little in the way of concrete details to support his claims, his comments have sparked a heated debate online.

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