“Aisha Buhari lives fat off our commonwealth, should tell Nigerians what ails her” – Akume


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A public policy analyst, Sesugh Akume, says First Lady Aisha Buhari should have the decency to inform Nigerians if she is battling any health conditions since “she lives fat off our commonwealth”.

Akume said this in a Facebook post on Wednesday while reacting to the arrest and alleged brutalization of a university student, Aminu Muhammad, by security agents suspected to be acting on the First Lady’s orders.

Muhammad, who is a 500-level student, allegedly tweeted an insult about the First Lady on June 8, 2022.

The tweet, which was posted in Hausa and accompanied by a photo of Aisha Buhari, reads: “Su mama anchi kudin talkawa ankoshi.”

The tweet loosely translates as “Mama has eaten poor people’s money and is now full”.

Amid the controversy generated by Muhammad’s ordeal, some Nigerians had blamed the 23-year-old for being insensitive, pointing out that the First Lady could be battling a health condition that caused the weight gain.

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Reacting, Akume said, “Some say the tyrannical Aisha Buhari may be suffering from a condition, therefore her obesity, and shouldn’t be mocked.

“I don’t care. She lives fat off our commonwealth and should’ve had the decency to tell us what ails her. She’d have had sympathy and empathy. The crude arrogance on luxuriating on our commonwealth, and refusing to be accountable, while at the same impoverishing us is what gets.

“When the courageous young man pointed out that she has put on excess weight from consumption, it was on her to clarify the position, a perfect time to do so, had she anything in her head and content in her rather than arrogance.”


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