Alcohol Use is Major Cause of Domestic Violence -Alaro

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Prof. AbdulRazak Alaro, a professor of Islamic studies, University of Ilorin, has identified alcohol use as one of the major causes of domestic violence, and cautioned youths against its consumption.

Alaro, who said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Ilorin, on Tuesday, stressed that it was very important for men and women to project themselves as their own good ambassadors, by being responsible persons in the society.

“There is time for everything, and a time will come when youths will become elders and will reap from what they sowed.  Alcohol is the mother of all sins, and that is why Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said that alcohol is the major cause of all atrocities,” Alaro said.

The don said that nobody, in his right frame of mind, would commit evil deeds, except he was drunk, because alcohol usually took over control of human beings and made them do many unspeakable things, to the extent of taking a life.

“There is the need for every responsible man to stop drinking, as it is stoppable in as much as it is not a part of your life,” he said.

Apart from the fact that drinking was dangerous to one’s health, it could tarnish one’s image and also destroy a happy family, Alaro said, adding that when a drunken man was provoked, it could also lead to domestic violence and even murder.

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“Beating a woman is very dangerous, especially when she is pregnant, as it can lead to many things or even death. It can also lead to punishment in this life and on the day of judgement,” he said.

Alaro explained that when a Muslim drank alcohol, the Holy Quran said his prayers would not be accepted for 40 days, and since prayer was one of the five pillars of Islam, those who missed their prayers would surely be questioned on judgement day.

“On the day of judgement, every part of our body will testify against us and reveal all the things we did in secret. This is a day when there will be no second chance to come back to live and do good things,” he said.

He said that prayer and hard work were necessary tools to success, and thus it was incumbent on anyone who desired anything in life to always pray and also work hard towards achieving his aim.

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