Ali Baba: Nigerian Musicians Deserve More Government Support

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Veteran comedian Ali Baba is calling for the Nigerian government to do more to support the country’s thriving entertainment and creative industry. In a recent interview with Channels Television, Ali Baba argued that entertainers,particularly musicians, play a vital role in promoting Nigeria on the global stage.

“Burna Boy has done a lot more for national awareness than any ambassador,” Ali Baba stated, referencing the international success of Afrobeats artists. He contrasted the impact of musicians with the government’s diplomatic efforts,suggesting that entertainers are more effective in raising Nigeria’s profile abroad.

Ali Baba further criticized the government’s apparent neglect of the creative sector in its economic planning. He pointed out a recent economic forecast that completely overlooked the industry’s potential, highlighting the missed opportunity.

“The value of the creative industry in Nigeria is beyond the country,” Ali Baba emphasized.

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