American Igbo babe made N80 million in 2 months on Onlyfans (Photos)

Sophia Nwachukwu
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It has been revealed that a Nigerian-American babe with the username ‘NigerianAmazon’ on Twitter made approximately N80 million on Onlyfans in just two months.

The Onlyfans model said in a tweet earlier in the week, “We are three days into September and I already have almost $4500 sitting in my only fans link in bio go see what the hype is about.”

That tweet piqued our curiosity and we discovered her earnings for the past two months were shocking!

Onlyfans payout

A total of $113,343 which is approximately 80 million Naira!

Nevertheless, the model revealed that she does get a lot of backlash for being a Nigerian in this business, even though she ironically has a lot of Nigerian fans on her page who are also possibly subscribers.

Despite the fact that she is not based in Nigeria, she is not immune to the hypocrisy surrounding the Nigerian perception of sex work and eroticism. Fortunately for her, none of that seems to be affecting the cash flow to her account.

See full length photo of the model:

Nigerian American Onlyfans model

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