Amotekun Dismisses Operative Over Killing Of Okada Man In Oyo

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The Oyo State Security Network (Amotekun Corps) has dismissed Kazeem Afolabi for shooting a commercial motorcyclist, Tosin Thomas, to death in an incident that occurred Wednesday night.

Afolabi was equally handed over to the police for prosecution.

Commandant of Amotekun, Col Olayinka Olayanju (retd.) made the disclosure in a Thursday statement issued by Mrs Ayolola Adedoja, who is the media officer of the security network.

He said that the loss of Thomas’s life was highly regrettable, adding that the victim’s family has been reached.

Olayanju disclosed that the shooting occurred when seven of its men were deployed to the scene of a robbery incident in Mokola area of Ibadan.

According to him, the team leader had received the distress call of an ongoing armed robbery.

He stated that on arrival at the scene of the alleged crime, it turned out that it was not an armed robbery operation, though a crowd had gathered.

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“The team leader, sensing no immediate danger to anyone at the scene immediately proceeded to speak with the station manager. While he was with the manager, he heard a gunshot.

“As it turned out, one of his team members, by the name Afolabi Kazeem, who felt sufficiently threatened by the crowd, which included some hoodlums armed with cutlasses and other dangerous weapons, opened fire to supposedly scare away the crowd. Unfortunately, his shot hit one Mr Tosin Thomas, 23, who was subsequently confirmed dead.

“The corps has found that Afolabi Kazeem with ammunition number AM031849 acted outside the Amotekun Corps’ Protocols.

“For this reason, he has been summarily dismissed from the corps and handed over to the police for prosecution. Also, his team leader, George Idowu, is being thoroughly investigated and will face all necessary sanctions,” the Amotekun Commandant revealed.


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