Andela dismisses 250 Nigerian and Ugandan developers

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Andela, an African company which identifies and develops software developers in Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and the United States, have dismissed a total number of 250 Nigerian and Ugandan developers, as well as 170 Kenyan Developers.

Andela published on its official website on Monday, a notice of the dismissal of a number of its software developers, and further stated that it will be placing its focus on Rwanda.

“Today, we are announcing that we are closing the D0 program in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda.

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“In addition, we will be letting go of approximately 250 Andelans in Nigeria and Uganda with an additional 170 potentially impacted in Kenya, who we don’t believe we’ll be able to find meaningful work for over the next year.”

“Moving forward, we will be focusing D0 training efforts on our pan-African hub in Rwanda”

The reason for the action may be because the junior engineers may not have been as experienced as Adela may have needed.

“We now have significantly more junior talent than we are able to place.”
About 25 per cent of its talent (mid-level and senior engineers) are outsourced. The company claimed this made the necessary strategy to continually grow become more conspicuous.

“As a result, we’ve come to the conclusion that Andela’s next phase of growth requires a strategic shift in how we think about talent.”

According to The Herald’s  source, who pleaded anonymity,

“Basically employment opportunities closed from their end for people with experience level lower than 4 years industry experience”

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