Anglican Bishop Urges FG to do More to Secure Lives of Citizens


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Rev. Godwin Robinson, Bishop of Lafia Diocese, Anglican Communion, on Saturday charged the government to do more to protect and secure the citizens of the country as every Nigerian is an asset in the country.


Robinson, who gave the charge in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, stressed that the developed world could not do without Nigerians.


According to Robinson, the government is duty-bound to provide security for the lives and property of its citizens.


”If our government makes up its mind, it can do it.


“That comes at a price, leadership must not be sentimental. It must step on toes. The change should nevertheless start with every Nigerian.
”The government is doing so little in security.


“Government is an institution to maintain law and order.


“In Nigeria, we don’t value ourselves and our leaders don’t value us.

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”Nigerians do not place much value on human life.


“Every Nigerian is an asset. The developed world needs Nigerians,” he said.
Robinson said that the leadership of any country does not require only political leadership.


“It also requires traditional opinion and even religious leadership.


“They all add to what makes the leadership of a country. 


”The family leadership is the building block of the society but once it is faulty you find it hard to have the correct thing at the top.


“The leaders don’t drop from the sky.


”The average Nigerian, what is his value? Who is he? That is what makes up the leaders we have.


“I’m not about scoring the leaders on a certain percentage. Ideal leadership is God’s leadership. 


”How many of our leaders are there to sincerely serve the people and not selfish interest? When you look for selfless leaders, they are very scarce. 


”If the leadership takes the bull by the horn and says it wants to change, it can definitely get things right.


”God cannot come down physically, he comes down through the people.


“It doesn’t always have to be through the political leaders, it can also be through the religious leaders and the youth as well,” he added.


Robinson stressed that the country was in dire need of honest and selfless leaders.
”Once someone sees something wrong and is moved to do something, then, obviously that person is moved by God.


“The EndSARS protest was not motivated by anybody but it is a natural response to oppression. Nobody will remain oppressed forever.


“The power of any society lies with the people. People give power to the government. The leaders are there for as long as the people put them there. 


”Anybody in any political office should look at the good of humanity. It has gone beyond yourself. Now you need to look towards the welfare of society and humanity.
”The youth should go beyond the EndSARS’ five-point demands. They should demand for good governance and integrity from the leaders.
”They should also apply wisdom in agitations. Burning of public infrastructure will only affect the country’s economy and the masses will suffer,” he said.(NAN)

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