Anita Brown Alleges Infidelity in Davido’s Marriage to Chioma

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Anita Brown, who claims to be pregnant with Nigerian singer Davido’s child, has recently made serious allegations against his wife, Chioma. These allegations come just hours after another artist, Peruzzi, referred to her as “the devil.” Despite facing criticism from netizens, Anita remains undeterred and has intensified her attacks on Davido’s marriage, questioning its sincerity.

Anita Brown

Taking to her Instagram page, Anita launched a scathing tirade against Peruzzi for his continuous insults. However, she didn’t stop there and accused Peruzzi of having a sexual relationship with Chioma. In addition, Anita insinuated that Chioma might have also been involved with Davido’s cousin, Clark Adeleke, as he had allegedly made advances towards her. Anita wrote:

I’m not impressed by that off and on relationship! Where HIS noble “wife” Slept with his friend! “Peruzzi”
Ring a bell! Have a seat!

Anita Brown You can’t say i slept with nobody that man knows heavily or is friends with SO BYE!!!! And every friend including family members has been in my DM!
I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with Clarks Adeleke on the low being that he was trying it with me. Begging me to have a abortion and fly me over there to see him § §
It’s nothing but incest and SLACK GOING ON OVER THERE! DISGUSTING

Anita didn’t hold back and proceeded to provide details about her alleged connection with Chioma dating back to 2017. She revealed that Chioma was present when they all hung out and smoked hookah at Nikki Beach in Dubai. Anita addressed Chioma directly, emphasizing that she was merely a side chick who had taken Davido away from another baby mother. Anita questioned why everyone seemed so bothered by their situation, suggesting that Chioma and Davido’s marriage lacked authenticity.

Davido and Chioma

Give that fake marriage a break!
They didn’t honor God!
Marriage for money, marriage based on tribal rules and marriage where the husband has no intention on being committed!

In her impassioned rant, Anita expressed her dissatisfaction with Davido’s marriage and cast doubt on its foundation. She accused Chioma of infidelity and criticized the marriage for being driven by financial motives and cultural expectations rather than genuine commitment.

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