Annie’s Love Too Much to Handle? 2Baba’s Candid Talk Exposes His True Feelings

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During a candid conversation with South African media personality Khanyi Mbau on the reality TV series “Young, Famous, and African Reality Show,” Nigerian music legend 2Baba, whose real name is Innocent Idibia, openly acknowledged that his wife, Annie, demonstrates more love towards him than he reciprocates, describing her love as occasionally overwhelming.Annie and 2Baba


In an excerpt from the show that has been widely circulated online, Khanyi asked 2Baba about Annie’s immense love for him, mentioning that she would go to great lengths, even sacrificing herself, to ensure his well-being. Reflecting on this, the African Queen crooner responded with honesty.

I think I do….I think. You know…I feel it. Yeah, I feel it. It’s scary sometimes. She has always shown me how much she loves me. She shows it more than I do…..I recognise where I have done wrong.” 2Baba revealed.

Realizing the areas where he needs to improve, he acknowledged the need to step up his game in reciprocating Annie’s affection. Admitting occasional shortcomings, he emphasized that personal growth remains an individual responsibility. While he understands the importance of his own efforts, he also recognizes that certain issues might be beyond his control.

Annie and 2Baba

I recognise where I should step up my game. Sometimes, I still slack but besides all of that, it still depends on you as an adult. The truth is, there are some things that I can’t fix. The ultimate level of happiness does not depend on anybody else but you,” 2Baba added, highlighting the importance of personal contentment.

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