APC lying to Buhari- Kobani

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Secretary to the government of Rivers State, Kenneth Kobani, has declared that President Muhammadu Buhari was wrongly advised by the people around him, alleging that he was abducted by military personnel during the rerun election in the State.

Speaking to Vanguard he said that the assertion by President Muhammadu Buhari that Rivers State had become the country’s most violent state was as a result of misinformation.

He said, “You know I respect Mr. President very well. We must respect the President. If he is not given the right and proper advice then it is likely, he will make statements that will not be entirely true.

 “Rivers state is not the deadliest state, it is certainly not. About 500 people were killed in Agatu, Benue State. I don’t think we had that number of casualties in Rivers State. You heard of Abia where they beheaded people. Kidnapping is reported in Lagos, Imo, and virtually all parts of the country. Look at the sad incident in Kaduna involving an army Colonel, who was kidnapped and killed.

“Unfortunately, the APC leadership in the state continue to lie to Mr. President, and I think the President need to be very conscious of these type of characters because they have a long track of misleading people.”

Kobana, while positing that Governor Nyesom Wike was doing everything within his power to ensure calmness in the State, claimed that most of the killings in the state were largely cult related.

He also noted that most of the problems were inherited.

 He said, “We inherited multiple communal crisis encouraged by politicians from the other divide. When we came into office, we made sure we dealt with the problem of cultism that is a challenge in most parts of the state.

“In Ogoni area, we have resolved the situation in Bomu community. The bad boys have all dumped cultism. Between Dege and Webiera communities is also another long-standing problem. We are trying to bring those communities together. We are resolving boundary disputes that are behind some security challenges already.”

He said his arrest by the military on the day of the rerun election was an abduction, stressing that they bundled him into an Armoured Personnel Carrier and kept him away from the election, adding that the military violated his right.

He charged, “The military came to supervise the rigging. Tell me why the soldiers of Nigerian army whom we have been very proud of will storm INEC and start ordering people to move photocopied documents to go and do elections, and when you object to it, they abduct you. Let them tell us what they arrested me for?”

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