Apple Activates Sharing Of Free Copies Of Your In-app Purchase With Your Family

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Apple has activated sharing of free copies of your In-app purchases with your family. It was announced today that Apple subscriptions and one-time in-app purchases can now be shared among families.

For instance, if you purchase a consumable item such as coins in a game, you will still be the only one who can use them, but if you unlock an ad-free or pro version of an app it could be suitable for the new Family Sharing program.

Apple had announced in June that sharing of in-app will soon be activated but you can now finally switch to allow subscriptions and purchases to be shared on your Apple devices.

Family Sharing of a subscription or purchase is a manual opt-in. Presently, few subscriptions like writing app Ulysses allows sharing its subscription as other in-app are yet to activate this option.

If you want to be sure that you can share your subscriptions with your family, you can confirm that by going to Settings, then click on your name. From there tap Subscriptions to be sure if the share option is available.

At the top of your screen, locate the switch labelled Share New Subscriptions. Once you set it to on, you will automatically give your family members access to any eligible in-app subscriptions that you sign up for. If you don’t want to share, then you will toggle it off.

Underneath that, you will see the list of your current subscriptions. Tapping on one will bring you to the Edit Subscription screen, where you will see a Share with Family switch if the developer has provided the sharing option.

If your preferred app is yet to support subscription sharing, it will be nice you check back from time to time because there are reports of users getting notifications when one of their subscriptions becomes eligible for Family Sharing.


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