Army General’s daughter Caught with N5bn in her account by EFCC


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EFCC operatives have found the sum of N5bn  stashed in the account  of an Army general’s daughter.

Investigations so far carried out into the account revealed deposits of N10million  paid in about five to six times a day.

The Army general’s  daughter who is below 30years of age, recently  got married  and has an infant  child which she is nursing.

The officer in charge of the account on interrogation by the EFCC gave useful information  which led to the invitation of the Army general’s daughter towards the last week of August.

The nursing mother pleaded for more time to enable her attend to her infant child before coming over for further investigations.

The nursing mother and her Husband turned up for questioning about two weeks ago.

She was interrogated  for two days but not detained because  she is a nursing mother.

Details  of the account  show that cash deposits of about  N10million were consistently paid into the account  several times a day.

The amount  so far deposited in that account  and another London  account  is over N5bn.

Although the lady is a student in the United Kingdom,  investigations  revealed that hundreds of thousands  of pound sterling was wired into the bank account  of a London based firm’s bank account  for her.

The firm,  Carrington White currently  in London was registered  suspiciously around June 2014, for the sole purpose of fund transfer into the account.

She is currently  on Administrative bail,  but expected to go back for further interrogation next week.

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