Artful Anatomic Nude Photos of Sports Athletes

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ESPN body Issue

ESPN one of the largest sports sites in the world has always been out to appreciate sports athletes and their Body issue is a magazine that appreciates the athletes in their full glory–nude.

They are always pictured performing their arts while in their birthday suits and it’s majestic. The artful anatomy of these athletes, shows just how dedicated they are to their arts.

It’s classy and tasteful. They are also inspirational as there are usually quotes from the stars as to what keeps them going, or a personal quip about themselves or where they’re coming from or going to.

You can see a large selection of the photos below and what the athletes had to say.

Kevin Love

Basketballer for Cleveland Cavaliers

“I was really looking forward to the playoffs. This injury [dislocated shoulder] is one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with. When I would out for four to six months, it was a big blow to me. I lost a pretty good amount of weight after the injury, close to 15 pounds. The timing is never great, but I ask myself, ‘What can I do to better myself in the meantime?’ You look at guys around the league and reassess'”









Aly Raisman

Gymnast, 3 time Olympic Medalist

“Sweating in the gym, covered in chalk; that’s when I’m most comfortable. Most girls are used to wearing heels and dresses, I’m used to being in a leotard with no makeup on. I love that.”






DeAndre Jordan 

Basketballer, NBA Center

“When you’re younger, everyone wants to be a point guard. Everyone wants to shoot fadeaway jump shots all day. Nobody wants to be a big man. Nobody wants to go stand on the block and just set picks. But in my case, I grew so fast that my position had to change. I was 6ft 3in my freshman year of high school, and after the summer I was about 6ft 8in.”




Chantae McMillan

Hepthatlete, US Track and Field

“You know the song ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage Against The Machine? It plays in my head right before a hurdle race. It’s an internal scream, just superloud. I might look calm and composed, but I’m screaming on the inside; it’s crazy what goes on in there.”






Amanda Bingson

Hammer Throw, American Record Holder

“If I want to throw far, I’ll do a handstand first. It helps me get amped. We don’t really have crowds when we compete, so you really have to get yourself going.”








Natalie Coughlin

Swimmer, 12-time Olympic Medalist

“I have scoliosis. It’s a 27-degree curve, so when I get into the racing portion of the season, I have to be very careful. All the muscles along my spine lock down if they’re not healthy.”








Jermaine Jones

Footballer, USA National team

“I’ve got 15 or 16 years of bone breaks and cracks in my legs. In my left leg I’ve got nails. I’ve got two screws — one in the left foot, one in the right. So it’s kind of a mess, but they look in pretty good shape, even after that.”






Leticia Bufoni

Pro-Skateboarder, Three-time X-Games Gold Medalist

“Not a lot of girls skate street. Skating stairs and rails, it hurts a lot. Also, in street skating, we don’t wear any protection. I think it’s even scarier if you’re wearing a helmet and knee pads because that would hold you back. I am afraid of getting hurt, but I love skating street so much that I go for it, you know?”




Photos courtesy ESPN, see more here




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