Aso Rock Cabal are unintelligent, nepotistic and plagiarism gurus – Jaafar

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The cabal running the show at Aso Rock have recently been unveiled by the utterances of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, during her now infamous media chat with BBC.

Since their unveiling, many Nigerian commentators and political analysts have weighed in on the power dynamics behind the seat that bears the seal of the Presidency.

In a no hold bars opinion piece, Jaafar Jaafar, an editor at Premium Times has described the cabal as unintelligent, nepotistic and masters of plagiarism.

An excerpt from his piece is reproduced below:

The Buhari I knew before the last presidential election was not the obtuse person we have today as president. The Buhari I promoted during the campaign had no nepotistic, despotic or tele-guided tendencies. The Buhari I voted for was not this pliable. Forgive me if my knowledge of him was superficial.

Aisha Buhari might have pitched the nation a curve ball, but her interview is actually a deafening echo of what we’ve been saying for ages about her husband. When I first raised alarm on the dangers of the influence of the numero uno of the cabal, Mamman Daura, on the Buhari administration barely three weeks after the president took the oath of office, I received all manners of insults and invectives. Today a lot of my predictions have come to reality.

But if actually the Mamman Daura cabal is the one running this country, then it appears to be a very unintelligent lot whose mastery does not go beyond the art of nepotism and crafts of plagiarism.

This cabal has kept both the nation and the president under spell, leaving the economy to slide into recession, our currency to crash beyond salvation and impunity to reign supreme. This cabal has suffocated a mega political party that Nigerians from all regions laboured and united to build.

From the appointment of ministers to heads of agencies, there are either portfolio misplacements or the elevation of disturbing cronyism and incompetence by this cabal, which started from the outset of the present administration.

It always saddens me to realise that our president has been turned into a puppet, managed by some half-witted puppeteers, who are mainly adept at turning his feet toward Europe, America and Asia; stretching his hand in perpetuation of nepotism or opening his mouth to goof.

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