Assassination Attempts: Oshiomhole Cries Out Against PDP

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New APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole

The Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has accused the PDP of threatening the lives of APC members in states controlled by the opposition

Oshiomhole said this at the end of a meeting of the National Working Committee (NWC),

The APC Chairman pointed to the issue with the APC chairman in Enugu State who was nearly assassinated and also said that the police in the affected states were in on it

He said: “The other issue is a very disturbing issue from a couple of states where the PDP is using state instruments even though they are the loudest to talk about the police. They are using the police as they like to undermine the basic fundamental rights of members of the APC in their states.

“A typical example is what happened today in Akwa Ibom state where the commissioner of police colluded with the governor to forcibly eject APC members from the House of Assembly.”

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Oshiomhole added: “The Commissioner went beyond his bound of duty to aid and abate what is clearly wrong. It is not the business of the police to assist political authority to impose their own biases with regard to the composition of the house.  We have a judicial as well as law and order and the police are to obey court order and not to go beyond that. We are also witnessing some very sad developments.

“As we approach the election,  we should talk on issues and people should market themselves and tell us why we should vote them particularly when there are no new players on parade.

“You said you will create 10 million jobs. You should tell us what happened when you were in government that textile factories closed down and we lost a number of industries.  These are the issues we want to engage and it will be an interesting season for the media.”

Oshiomhole also said: “We are even happy that given the size of our party, we have issues in a few places,  much of which have already been resolved. Compare that what is happening in a small party like the SDP who are in court over who is the appropriate Presidential candidate or compare that to PDP who have about two governorship candidates in some states. I believe we are still ahead in terms of internal peace.

“We reviewed the recent elections and we are proud to say that since the NWC was elected in June,  we have not lost any major election.  We have done rerun elections twice in Katsina and  Bauchi and won. Even more outstanding for me and the APC is the humiliating defeat that Senator Bukola Saraki suffered in the hands of Kwara people who are determined to dismantle his failed attempt to install his own variance of a political culture in which he is the only constant decimal.”

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