Audio: Redeemed Pastor warns Nigerians not to vote against Jonathan in 2015

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In a compelling sermon, Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor Emmanuel Bosun warns Nigerian Christians of the spiritual consequences of voting against President Goodluck Jonathan in the upcoming 2015 general elections.

Pastor Bosun who was a delegate representing Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) South West at the National Conference which held earlier this year, said Christians who were ready to vote for the All Progressives Congress in the 2015 elections were only subscribing to the Islamic agenda for Nigeria, and were digging the grave of Christianity in Nigeria.

In the incredible sermon, the Pastor warns Nigerians of a similar occurrence that plagued Turkey happening to Nigeria if care was not taken.

He also warned of Sharia being enshrined in the Federal constitution of Nigeria, and the APC being on a mission to find expression for the Islamic laws already enshrined in the constitution.

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State of Emergency Sermon for 2015

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