Audu’s Supporters Attack, Ahmadu Ali, Senator Ugbane; Destroy Vehicles


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A former national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Dr. Ahmadu Ali and Senator Nicholas Ugbane narrowly escaped been lynched to death when they attended the eight day prayer for the repose of the soul of the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, late Prince Abubakar Audu.

Upon his arrival at Ogbonicha, the country home of the former governor and leader of APC in the state around 11.40 in the morning he was prevented from gaining entrance into the building by security agents who had prior knowledge of a possible attack on him.

As soon as the youths got wind of his arrival, they picked anything they could lay their hands on, including woods and stones and gave him a hot pursuit.

But his driver was able to manoeuvre the blue jeep he came with before the youths could lynched him, even as he escaped unhurt, his vehicle was badly damaged.

Supporters and die -hard loyalists of late Prince Audu are wondered what could have brought Dr. Ali to their mentor’s home on condolence considering the disparaging remarks he (Dr. Ali) allegedly made recently against the APC candidate at the PDP rally in Lokoja.

But Senator Ugbane was not that lucky, for he received the rude shock of his life when angry youths, upon entering the compound of late Prince Audu pounced on him, attacking him with all sorts of “missiles” they could lay their hands on.

He quickly jumped into his black jeep while the driver made a u-turn to escape from the dangerous terrain they have landed themselves in, even as security agents assisted the former lawmaker to escape with his life.

However, the entire windscreens and the body of the vehicle were shattered by the angry youths who strongly believed that the former Senator representing the eastern flank of the state had no business to be in the compound of their mentor.

After contesting against late Prince Audu at the primaries, Senator Ugbane who served as commissioner in four different ministries under the administration of the former governor between 1999 and 2003 completely stayed away throughout the electioneering campaigns of the party.

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  1. mao says

    Nigeria!!! smh. Despite political differences, there is nothing wrong with rivals honouring the death of a politician. Nigerians are so backward in orientation that they seek retribution even when there is no moral ground for it. Sad

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