AY Makun Dispels Rumors, Clarifies “Son” on Instagram is Nephew

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Nigerian comedian Ayo Makun, better known by his stage name AY, has set the record straight regarding a recent social media post. Earlier, AY had celebrated the birthday of a 17-year-old boy he referred to as his “son” on Instagram, sparking rumors of a child born out of wedlock.

In a recent performance at his Easter edition of “AY Live,” AY addressed the speculation head-on. He emphasized the importance of fact-checking before drawing conclusions on social media. AY clarified that the teenager is, in fact, his nephew, the son of his younger sister.

Your sister’s son is also your son,” AY explained to his audience. He described the online harassment he received after the initial post, with some accusing him of having a child outside of his marriage.

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