Bad-Ass Zebra: African zoo parades Donkey as Zebra after painting it in black and white colours

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A zoo in Cairo, capital of Egypt, is currently trending for the wrong reasons after parading a donkey as a zebra to visitors, by ridiculously painting it in black and white.


The animal sanctuary in the Egyptian capital’s International Garden municipal park has recently opened but one visitor spotted something odd about one exhibit.


Mahmoud A. Sarhani, a student visited the zoo on July 21 and took pictures of the strange looking zebra which was unlike any he has ever seen.


The creature had unusually long ears and on the neck region, was missing the distinctive mane usually present on the African mammals.


On a closer inspection, it was revealed the equine creature was in fact a strategically and ingeniously painted ass.


Mahmoud shared a photo of the funny looking “zebra” on Facebook and the post quickly went viral in Egypt.


The Egyptian Local media covered the humorously bizarre incident with a lot of local vets confirming the animal was a donkey.

Cairo Egypt
Mahmoud and the ”Zebra”
Cairo Egypt
Closer view of the Zebra Donkey

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