Barman Kills Neighbour who accused him of Sexual Harassment


An angry barman is in police custody for stabbing his neighbour who accused him of sexual harassment to death. The barman identified as 23-year-old barman, Samson Michael, was arrested for the murder of his neighbour, Tobiloba Osho, by the Lagos State Police Command.

Tobiloba Osho bled to death after Michael stabbed him in the chest during a heated argument between the duo at their residence on Mabayoje Close, Alakuko area of the state.

The incident occurred after a 17-year-old daughter of the pastor of a church where Michael lived had accused him of sneaking to where she slept inside the church in the midnight of Thursday, September 13 and fondling her pants.

The girl further said that Michael had stopped groping her when he discovered she was actually awake. She proceeded to report Michael to the pastor as well as his mother and Osho who lived in a compound next to the church the next morning.

Upon hearing the accusations from his mother, Michael got angry and confronted the 17 year old girl accusing her of lying against him thereby leading to a scuffle.

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It was at this point that the deceased Osho intervened and engaged Michael in a fisticuffs; Michael then proceeded to stab Osho in the chest with a knife as the fight wore on.

The deceased was afterwards rushed to several private hospitals in the community before being taken to the Ota General Hospital, Ogun State, where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

Michael was subsequently arrested by policemen from the Alakuko Police Division where the case was reported.

An eye witness and neighbour of the deceased identified as Kola said he tried to caution Osho against involving himself in the fight. According to Kola;

“Samson (Michael) was an in-law of the pastor. His sister is the pastor’s wife. The girl in question is the pastor’s daughter from his first marriage. Samson and the girl usually sleep in the church.

That Thursday morning, the girl told Tobiloba (Osho) that Samson touched her pants while she was asleep in the night. After a few hours, I heard Tobiloba and Samson exchanging words over the issue. I was in the bathroom. I asked Tobiloba to be patient and wait for me.

Before I came out, they had started fighting each other. Tobiloba was holding a broken bottle while Samson was armed with a knife.  Before I could come close to them, Tobiloba had been stabbed in the chest. He died at the Ota General Hospital. His parents live around Sango Ota.”


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