Bayelsa has no grazing routes, we’re fishermen – Diri tells Buhari

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The Governor of Bayelsa State, Douye Diri, says the state will vigorously enforce its ban on open grazing, noting that the ban is backed by law.

He stated this in a broadcast to commemorate Democracy Day on June 12.

The President on June 10 directed the Attorney-General of the Federation to commence the process of reviving cattle grazing routes and grazing areas in the country.

Diri said that Buhari’s pronouncement holds no effect in the state, stating that it has no grazing routes because its people are fishermen.

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He described cattle grazing as a strange practice in Bayelsa and Ijawland in general.

“I personally do not know any cattle grazing route in Bayelsa State. I am not countering Mr President. Maybe they have cattle grazing routes in the North, but here in Bayelsa we do not have cattle grazing routes.

“We are used to hunting, our people are hunters before now and fishermen. We eat more fish than even meat. We are traditionally, occupationally, culturally a fishing people. But we also have some few hunters who will hunt and complement fish,” Diri said.

Recall that the state government last week seized 34 cows that violated its open grazing ban.



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