BBN Star Tacha Advocates Dating Multiple Men for Higher Chance of Getting a Ring

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Popular reality TV personality and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha, has stirred up a conversation by advising women to consider dating multiple men simultaneously if they aspire to receive an engagement ring. The outspoken reality star shared her perspective in a video posted on her X account on Wednesday, emphasizing the strategy of increasing one’s chances by exploring multiple romantic connections.


In the video, Tacha said, “If you want that ring sis, date at least three guys. If Martins doesn’t pop the question, Easy would, and if Easy does not ask the question, Femi would.” The advice suggests a pragmatic approach to navigating relationships, with the underlying idea that expanding one’s options may lead to a more favorable outcome.

Tacha encouraged women not to limit themselves and asserted that it doesn’t matter whether people like them or not. Her candid message aimed to empower women to take control of their romantic lives and make choices that align with their desires.

In addition to advocating for dating multiple men, the reality star urged women to be assertive and proactive. She emphasized the importance of not waiting for a proposal but instead encouraged ladies to take charge of their own happiness.

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