BBNaija: Doyin, Eloswag and Chomzy evicted, remain as level 3 guests


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Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy were evicted from the BBNaija Season 7 house after gaining the lowest percentage of votes from last week’s voting cycle, but in an odd twist, they are staying as ‘Level 3 guests.’

The eviction of at least one Housemate was the only thing the “no sleep geng” was hoping for frolast night’s Level Up Sunday Live Show. 

Ebuka unveiled Biggie’s most recent surprise, the Level Game Play. 

There is brand-new Level, and the Evicted Housemates will live there. 

The accommodation has a central lounge, an open-concept kitchen with a dining area, a shared bathroom, two WCs, and one bedroom.

The Evicted Housemates, who are now known as Level House Guests, will temporarily reside here.

24 Housemates were living on two levels of the house at the start of the season (Level and Level 2). 

The Levels were then combined to make one House, and everyone moved into the previous Level 1 House following that.

The Level 3 House Guests are still eligible to win money through sponsored Tasks even though they are no longer competing for the highly coveted Grand Prize. The Level 3 House Guests will move in with the Housemates and, unbeknownst to them and the Housemates, they will stay there at least until September 18. They will participate in House activities like diary sessions and tasks, but not in nominations or the House challenge. If the house guests are evicted or not, neither the housemates nor the house guests will know.t

What impact do you anticipate this new gameplay will have on the overall dynamics of the House?

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