BBNaija: Viewers tackle Khalid and Daniella’s nightly tango beneath the sheets


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This season of BBNaija has featured several different narratives and peculiar characters so far and viewers are loving it!

As usual, some housemates are playing the ‘ship’ script and though it’s too early to tell which ship would sail far, some ships are turning up the heat.

Khalid and Daniella can barely keep their hands off each other and in the past week, they’ve been doing “God knows what” beneath the sheets on a nightly basis.

Many viewers found it cute and almost comical at first but they are soon growing weary of the nightly romp between the two.

Nigerian viewers, who are typically stuck between wanting unbridled entertainment and morality, are currently torn as to whether or not they need to condemn the couple.

Some have already resumed the criticism but to some, it’s only mildly annoying. While others are concerned about the ridiculousness or hypocrisy of Khalid’s actions since he refuses to take alcohol and prays regularly.

The housemates need to tread carefully because the Nigerian audience can be predictable in situations like this and from their reaction to similar occurrences in past seasons, they are on the threshold of calling for their heads. It may not be a while before they start getting a mob of hatred.

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