BBOG Campaigners Are Distracting The President – Presidential Aide

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Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu has stated that the Bring Back Our Girls Group, BBOG headed by Dr. Oby Ezekwesili will henceforth be barred access to the Presidential villa.


According to him, the group has painted their campaign for the release of Chibok girls as though they are in President Buhari’s detention.

Ojodu further stated that the President will not have the time to focus on other duties if the BBOG group was always camped in Aso Rock.

“Since the President came to power, he has met with them thrice. And it is looking like look, you are making this thing appear as if I am the one detaining those girls. I am not detaining them. You are only going to protest to me if I am the one detaining them.

“If you allow the BBOG to go into the villa everyday to carry out their campaign, what time would the President have to do his work?


“Will that not be calling for disorder? In UK, anyone who has something to say goes to Trafalgar Square. The media will meet you there. They don’t enter into 10, Downing Street.”

Ojodu further added: “So, if the BBOG can restrict its campaign to the Unity Square, no body will stop them. But to say that everyday you want to go to the bedroom in the office of the President, that for me is bad.”

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