Big Brother Naija Star Ka3na’s “$900 Million While Sleeping” Claim Raises Eyebrows

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Big Brother Naija alum Ka3na has sparked debate online with a recent social media post boasting about a massive financial windfall.

Ka3na shared a screenshot of a message, supposedly from her agent, detailing the successful sale of properties in London for a staggering $900 million. She accompanied the screenshot with a celebratory caption: “$900,000,000 while I sleep.Retiring as a young billionaire. #Ka3naTheBossLady.”

The post has been met with mixed reactions. While some fans showered Ka3na with congratulations, others expressed skepticism. The enormous sum and the claim of achieving it “while sleeping” have raised doubts about the veracity of her statement.

Some social media users pointed out the unlikelihood of a single real estate transaction reaching such a high value. Others questioned the legitimacy of the screenshot itself.

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