BNXN Calls Out Club Owners for Selling Fake Alcohol, Demands Respect for Health and Money

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
1 Min Read

Nigerian artist BNXN has taken to his X profile to express his dissatisfaction with an unidentified club owner who allegedly sold him fake alcohol. In a tweet, the artist emphasized the importance of respecting both his health and money, demanding that establishments provide him with what he pays for.


In the tweet, BNXN made a clear statement, saying, “Respect my health, Respect my money. Give me what I pay for. If you don’t have it, don’t bring a fake one!

He further outlined a condition, indicating that if such an incident occurs again, he will take matters into his own hands during his performance. The tweet concluded with a stern warning, “The next club or lounge that does this to me, I promise I will take that microphone from the hypeman and let you know!

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