Bobrisky Reveals His Reason For Becoming a Transgender

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Nigerian internet personality Bobrisky, born Idris Okuneye, has opened up about his unexpected path to becoming transgender. In a recent interview with singer Charly Boy, Bobrisky revealed that his now-signature crossdressing began as a business tactic.

While studying accounting at the University of Lagos, Bobrisky started selling unisex clothing. To promote his products, he’d try on the women’s clothes himself. This, he says, led to a surprising discovery: “I loved the outfits.

The strategy worked. Female customers were drawn to Bobrisky’s modeling, leading him to embrace a more feminine appearance with hairstyles and makeup. “It was lucrative,” he admits, but the journey took an unforeseen turn.

The positive feedback – “people were complimenting me that I looked better as a woman than a man” – planted a seed. “That’s how I ended up being Bobrisky,” he says. What began as marketing for his clothing business blossomed into a full-fledged exploration of gender identity.

Though Bobrisky initially faced resistance from his parents, he reports they eventually accepted his choices. Today, Bobrisky is a major influencer, known for his flamboyant style and outspoken personality.

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