Boko Haram No Longer Controls Nigerian Territory – Buhari Tells China


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Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has once again claimed that the terror group Boko haram no longer has control of any part of Nigerian territory.

President Buhari made this claim on Sunday in China’s capital of Beijing while addressing a gathering of Nigerian Diaspora based in China as he made claims of the purported ‘successes’ of his administration over the last three years.

According to President Buhari, Boko haram has no foothold on Nigerian territory because of the successes of counter-insurgency operations carried out by the various security agencies deployed to counter the terrorist group in the country’s North-east.

President Buhari told the gathering;

“You will all recall that we contested the last election basically on three issues, which includes security, especially in the North East.

The Boko Haram used to occupy quite a number of local governments in Borno State but they are not in anyone now.

They have resorted to a very dangerous way of terrorism by indoctrinating young people, mostly girls and attacking soft targets, churches, mosques and marketplaces.”

While addressing the herdsmen onslaught against farmers in the middle-belt which President Buhari insists on calling ‘herders/farmers crisis’, he characteristically blamed the onslaught on the shrinking of Lake Chad which he said has forced many cattle nomads to move further south in search of better pastures for their herds of cattle in various parts of the country.

He however assured the Nigerian community that Nigerian security agents were doing their utmost best to curb the ‘crises.’

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President Buhari rounded up the discussion by appealing to the media to ‘complement’ government’s efforts by disseminating what he called ‘balanced’ and ‘accurate’ information to the public at all times.

Boko haram terrorists have unleashed an onslaught on personnel of the Nigeria Army in the last few weeks putting a dent on Presidents Buhari’s claim of the group’s ineffectiveness.

Several independent news sources have alleged that Nigeria Army has lost nearly 500 personnel in ambushes and outright invasion of military bases and towns by the Boko haram insurgent over the last four weeks.

While the Nigerian Military hierarchy continues to deny the reports, pictures continue to surface online of Nigerian soldiers who paid the supreme price for their country being buried in `secret without as much as an acknowledgement of their sacrifice from the leadership of the country.

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