Boss Accidentally Films Self Sleeping With A Junior Colleague After Forgetting to Hang Up A Video Call

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A Manager of a power grid in China is in some hot water after accidentally filming himself having sex with a junior colleague in the conference room after a video conference call which he forgot to hang up.

The manager of China’s Southern Power Grid, had earlier that day had a meeting which was attended by employees from five different provinces which was conducted via video conference call, the sexual act with the junior colleague was caught on WeChat conversation screencaps.

Following this, the footage was quickly scrubbed off social media by Chinese censors after it was uploaded on Sunday.

The phrases “Southern Power Grid” and “Use Love to Make Power” have become two of the most blocked terms on social media site Weibo, according to Free Weibo.

The phrases have even overtaken “constitutional change” and “Xi Jinping”.

The act allegedly took place at China’s Southern Power Grid’s Guangzhou headquarters.

The manager who committed the act was identified on some social media channels and while his name has not been released to the international press, he has been said to have come out to say that it was not him in the video and that he is being framed and also that he plans to sue for libel.

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