Boxing Day: Park operators, vendors decry poor inflow of cash

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Some operators of parks and vendors at recreational centres in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have decried low inflow of cash for the Christmas celebration.

Some of the operators of the amusement centres who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja blamed the low cash flow on the harsh economic situation in the country.

Mr Michael Akogwu, Supervisor of City Park, Wuse 2, said they had witnessed a large turnout of customers but they purchased things in minute quantity.

“Between Saturday and Sunday, we really had large number of people that came around here but the funny thing is that they are not buying much.

“We are expecting that they will buy more things that will boost our sales but they are buying soft drinks that don’t cost much.

“In fact, while they came in their large numbers, we are even having issues with some of them because they are causing problems for us,” he said.

However, he said that they were still expecting more sales for the day‎, adding that their major business hour is later in the evening.

Ms Blessing Henry, a vendor at Jabi Lake Park, said that they were just witnessing large number of people coming into the park but they purchased less items.

According to her, most of the residents are looking for where to have fun without spending much money.

Henry noted that she had been at the park since morning but had made little money from her sales.

On his part, Mr ‎Gabriel Amos, a shawarma vendor at Jabi Lake Mall, also concurred with what other vendors and operators said.

“I am making sales but you cannot compare it to what it used to be in previous years.

“This year we are witnessing large number of families with their children who want to be in public places just for the children to feel the spirit of Christmas,” Amos said.

Mr Cyprian Amadi, a fun seeker ‎at the City Park, said he brought his children to participate in the Independent Television’s children party going on at the park.

Amadi noted that he had never celebrated Christmas in a low key as this year’s.

“I have never celebrated Christmas like this before in any other year.

“This year am just careful the amount of money I spend, other years I would have taken my children to Magic Land and I will spend more money there.

“This time I brought them to ITV children party where I will just pay N1,000 and make them happy because if you don’t do that they won’t be happy with you,” he said.

He blamed the harsh economic situation in the country on the “dirty politics” going on.

Amadi urged the government to be sincere with the masses and endeavour to alleviate their plight. (NAN)

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