Boy escapes electrocution as his Android tablet catches fire while asleep

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A young boy has cheated death after narrowly escaping electrocution in his room.

The boy, who is just eleven, had plugged his Android tablet to an electric socket and he slept off, inches away from it.

But before he woke up the next morning, the gadget had suffered from overheating, gone up in flames and burnt deep into his mattress.

Still not sure of what had happened, the boy went ahead to inform his parents that his tablet was stuck to his bed.

His parents were subsequently left in shock when they discovered what had happened while their son slept.

The boy’s mother, Anny Hewkin told newsmen that they had given the rule of not plugging any electrical at night but their child had apparently flouted it.

Boy escapes electrocution as his Android tablet catches fire while asleep

Narrating the incidence, the father, Stewart said, “The last thing anyone wants is to wake up and find their child seriously injured or dead because a tablet or phone has set fire in their room.

“We feel like we’ve had a lucky escape – Callum’s life could have been at risk. We had no idea he even had his tablet in his room, he had snuck it into bed with him because he wanted to watch something in bed.

“When I came downstairs in the morning at about 7 am, I thought I could smell burning plastic and rubber but dismissed it as we live near factories. But the next minute I could hear my wife screaming to come upstairs. I went into Callum’s room and there was a big burn mark right by where his head had been, and the room was full of white smoke.

“We have no idea how he didn’t wake up but it goes to show how serious it could have been.‘I was gobsmacked, I never thought it would happen to us or that something like that even could happen – you don’t expect an iPad or tablet to just start burning like that.”

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