Bride Beats Groom, Cancels Wedding And Requests Dowry Refund On Wedding Day


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An Indian bride on Tuesday decided to teach her husband-to-be the first lesson in their would-not-be marriage by beating him up on the accounts that he disgraced her by turning up at their wedding ceremony drunk and also for passing out.

It was reported that the would-be bride, Ranjeet Kumar Kama, poured soot on the husband-to-be, blackening him and went further to throw a garland of shoes around his neck, her excuse was that he asked for a beer during the marriage procession.

The marriage procession which took place in Khutauna-Natoli, Madhubani district, India turned awry after the couple exchanged garlands and then the husband-to-be went to a nearby liquor shop with his cousin and got drunk.

Upon return to the venue of the marriage procession, the yet-to-be named groom kept demanding for more alcohol. He was refused the request which made him angry and start a brawl with the guests in attendance, according to Daily Mail.

The husband-to-be was thereafter locked up in a room till his relatives agreed to return the dowry collected.


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