Buhari’s Administration: US Government Opens Up


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The U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, James Enstwistle, has spoken up about the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

James Entwistle has praised the president’s success in his fight against corruption and insecurity.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Entwistle also commented on President Buhari’s approach to solving Nigeria’s economic challenges.

Mr Entwistle said: “I see a parallel between President Buhari and President Obama. President Obama had not been in office very long before the people had the same kind of impatience. A lot of people forgot what difficult situation President Obama inherited.

“I think the same thing is happening to President Buhari. It is completely understandable for the people to have high expectations. They are impatient, because they want to see change. But, the president inherited very difficult circumstances.

“Some of the things he identified that needed to be done, like ending corruption, reforms in the petroleum sector, ending of the conflict in the North East, are things that even when you work as hard as you can, they are going to take some time to yield the kind of result you expect. People should be patient.

“It is good that the expectations from Mr. President are very high. But, I think people should remember what he inherited. And in my opinion, I try to be neutral and balanced, I think Mr. President and his team have done a good job in this first year.”

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