Buhari’s Sense of Self-Supremacy is getting too far – LP

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The Labour Party has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s sense of self supremacy is getting too far especially in light of his recent statement about Ministers.

While speaking at an interview with journalists in Abuja during the weekend, the National Chairman of LP, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsamni observed that the President puts more trust in members of Congress for Progressive Change than the All Progressives Congress.

Abdulsamni further explained that this is the reason why the President has side-lined APC when making appointments. He said APC lacks unity and that is why no party policy is working and this doesn’t portend well for the country.

He urged the President to make sure that his party is in order to enable him do what he needs to do for the country.

Abdulsamni said “I will advise the president to go back to his political party, rejuvenate the party, bring their heads together and then have absolute confidence in his political party to guide him, to enable him to do what he should do for Nigeria.

“The way I am seeing it now, Buhari has more confidence in his Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) people than the totality of APC. What I’m saying is that Buhari should evolve confidence in the totality of the APC people, relate and interact with them, get their advice and workout policies with them because as at now, no party policy is working in APC. Nothing will work.

“The president is giving the impression that he is bigger, greater, wiser and more knowledgeable than his political party. That is why Buhari’s sense of self-supremacy is the one that will kill the APC and it is dangerous for Nigeria because they must be there for four years. He should go back to the drawing board with his political party.

“Yes, he has offended our psyche because his sense of self-supremacy is being over-exhibited and is getting too far. He assumes he knows it all, he understands it all and appreciates it all. First, his party says they have no hand in the selection or appointment of ministers for Buhari, which means that Buhari is the only one who knows the saints in Nigeria.

“Who is perfect? Who is more knowledgeable? And who is more committed to the course of Nigeria? That only him to his heart can decide who becomes minister. In a responsible democracy, the caucus of the political party must be consulted and carried along in the appointment of ministers. Why is it that it is only him and it has taken four months without ministers and now to worsen the situation, he said ministers are lousy, irresponsible and lazy and only the technocrats could the job of ministers.

“Have you ever heard that anywhere in the world where the political office holders- they must take political decisions- the civil servants cannot take political decisions- that is where Buhari got it wrong that politicians cannot take political decisions.

Can civil servants take political decisions? Political decisions are what matter all over the world international diplomacy, internal diplomacy, economy, social and other wise.

“If you don’t take political decisions which is the responsibility of the minsters, then the technocrats cannot take political decisions because by our system they must not be heard, they can only be seen.

“I don’t know where President Buhari got his own ideas or concepts that ministers are noise makers. He wants those who will be quiet, who will be kneeing for him, bowing and saying may the king live long, that what he wants.

“Who is perfect, who is more knowledgeable, and who is more committed to the course of Nigeria that only him to his heart can bring about who and who becomes minister. In a responsible democracy, the caucus of the political party must be consulted and carried along in the appointment of ministers.”

Recently the President described Ministers as noisemakers who are only appointed to make noise.

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