Burna Boy Calls Out Celebrity Gossip Blogs, Sets Record Straight on Beard Shaving Controversy

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Renowned Nigerian artist Burna Boy took to social media to clarify recent rumors surrounding his beard shaving incident, emphasizing the need for accurate reporting in celebrity news.

In a recent Instagram story, Burna Boy addressed his followers, expressing frustration with gossip blogs such as @theshaderoom and @theshadeborough for perpetuating misleading information. He clarified that he shaved his beard in 2021, not recently, and criticized the focus on trivial matters rather than his artistic achievements and contributions.

He said “To all you weirdos who depend on @theshaderoom @theshadeborough And other weirdo blogs for your daily news. I shaved my beard in 2021 NOT now. But it’s good to know that for all the history Ive been making and records I’ve been setting and breaking, You PARASITES ONLY CARE ABOUT WHO I MIGHT HAVE FUCKED, who I’m fucking and stupid shit like “Burna boy shaved his beard”. I gotta apologise to Nigerian blogs now cuz I thought their stupidity was unique, I didn’t know they learned all they know from the West.

Burna Boy

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