Calabar Woman Dives Under Trailer Begging To Die Over N5,000 Confiscated Goods


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A middle-aged female trader in Cross River State lay in front of the back tyres of a big truck in an attempt at stopping the Ministry of Environment from seizing her merchandise valued at N5,000.

The unknown female attempted the near suicide at an Oando station opposite the rear wing of the U.J Esuene stadium in Calabar.

The trader had started the debacle when she was challenged by a task force agent in the ministry for breaking new trade policies which barred traders from setting or displaying wares in the open spaces along the major roads.

The woman’s stocks included biscuits and soft drinks.

She said that she would prefer being crushed by the truck, than watch her means of survival be confiscated by the agent.

She dove under the parked truck the task were using to collect the goods of those at fault and began crying.

The State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Mike Eraye, had recently warned hawkers and roadside traders to “desist from displaying their wares along major roads.”

This is to create free flow of movement and neatness along carnival routes, some areas are being used to plant green grasses and beautify the city.

Eraye had warned them to relocate or face the consequences.

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