Cardi B Lashes Out at Fans on Social Media: “Worst Fanbase Ever!”

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Rap superstar Cardi B took to X media to express her frustration and disappointment with her fanbase, calling them the “worst fanbase ever”. The outburst came in response to a tweet from an alleged fan who speculated about her possible pregnancy and suggested that hormonal changes might be affecting her music.

Cardi B vehemently denied the pregnancy rumors, stating “Ain’t no hormones at all, a bitch ain’t pregnant!” She went on to express her exasperation, saying “Y’all just ruined everything for me… Even when I drop music, y’all ruin everything.”

The rapper recalled feeling discouraged and tearful after releasing her song “Enough” due to fans’ complaints that it wasn’t on the top hits list, making her feel like she always had to compromise to achieve success. Cardi B slammed her fans for constantly criticizing and complaining, saying “Y’all just love to complain”.


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