Carter Efe Questions Lord Lamba’s Lamborghini Purchase

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Nigerian skit-maker, Carter Efe, has taken a bold step by accusing his fellow colleague, Lord Lamba, of fabricating the truth about his recent Lamborghini purchase. Lord Lamba, who recently made headlines by claiming to have acquired a brand new Lamborghini, proudly showcased his luxury car on social media, leaving his fans and followers in awe.

In a recent Instagram Live session, Carter Efe didn’t hold back as he called out Lord Lamba and raised doubts about his ability to afford such a high-end vehicle. Efe questioned the source of Lamba’s wealth and expressed skepticism about his claim of owning a Lamborghini.

Carter Efe, known for his witty and humorous skits, pointed out that even successful celebrities with hit songs would find it challenging to purchase a Lamborghini, let alone someone like Lord Lamba, who hasn’t achieved significant success in the industry. With a hint of sarcasm, Efe emphasized that Lord Lamba’s lack of notable achievements makes it highly unlikely for him to afford such an extravagant car.

The talented skit-maker didn’t shy away from criticizing Lord Lamba for allegedly misleading people and using the Lamborghini claim as a means to gain popularity and attention. Efe argued that Lord Lamba’s actions were driven by a desire for clout rather than genuine success or accomplishments.

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