CCECC to Support Infrastructure Development in Nigeria

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 The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has pledged to support infrastructure development in Nigeria.

The company made this known on Wednesday in Abuja in while issuing its first Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) report from 1981 to 2020.

The company highlighted its activities in Nigeria in 40 years with the theme “Striding with Nigeria towards a better future”.

Mr Han Shuang, Deputy Managing Director, CCECC Nigeria said that since entering the Nigerian market in 1981, CCECC has actively responded to local market demands and fully deployed its resources and business strength.

He said that CCECC has deployed resources and business strength in providing Nigeria with high-quality services relating to infrastructure construction.

Han said that in furtherance to its CSR, CCECC will support Nigeria in building high-quality infrastructure projects and provide quality services to local areas.

He said the company will continue to deepen China-Nigeria cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, insisting on localized development.

“At the moment, the Company has launched businesses in 29 states across Nigeria, covering railways, airports, highways, bridges, municipal projects, housing projects, water projects, and so on.

“CCECC has successively undertaken and completed many key infrastructure projects in Nigeria as you can find in Social Responsibility. We are earnestly devoted to local development.

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“Through near 40 years of development featuring win-win cooperation, CCECC Nigeria has proven to be a truly reliable partner willing and able to support the prosperity and development of Nigeria.

“CCECC Nigeria employs and trains thousands of local staff with great effort. We have realized win-win cooperation with local suppliers and subcontractors, supported local communities in improving livelihoods, and established close and deep ties with local people.

“We strictly abide by local laws and regulations, act in line with business ethics, protect the ecological environment, and integrate social responsibility concepts into the corporate management system.

“In the future, we will continue to remain a true friend and good partner of Nigeria and contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of Nigeria,” Han said.

Mr Charles Onunaiju, Director, Centre for China Studies, said CCECC has been very active in promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, particularly within and outside Nigeria.

Onunaiju said that the CCECC has been a key player in the transport sector of infrastructure connectivity and has been very exemplary as most connectivity projects in Nigeria are within the domain of the  Belt and Road.

“CCECC is actively promoting the Belt and Road in Nigeria, across Nigeria, within Africa and the world.

“Already it is involved in belt and road projects in over 79 countries across the world so it is a key participant in that framework of engaging and building a community of shared future for humanity.

“Because it is believed that shared future for all humanity is not possible without being underwritten by infrastructure connectivity and that is where CCECC is playing a very pivotal role,” Onunaiju said.

Speaking on the plans of the Federal Government to amend the Nigeria Railway Cooperation (NRC) Act, Onunaiju said it was a welcome development that will now empower states to run their own rail systems.

He said the development will further improve interconnectivity within the country, integrate local markets and connect them to national markets.

Onunaiju said that the framework is long overdue so I think CCECC will play a very important role because already, it is involved in over 29 states among the 36 states

Also speaking, Mr Okey Nwagbara CCECC’s Consultant said in promoting the common development with sincere action, CCECC Nigeria strives committedly to honour sincerity of purpose, friendship, equality, and mutual benefits to the advantage of all.

Nwagbara said that CCECC’s strategic action plans and achievements over the period executed or currently being executed include: Building multidimensional and sustainable transport system.

He said the projects include modernization of Railways – Lagos-Ibadan-Abuja-Minna-Kaduna-Kano-Katsina-Maradi, as well as coastal railways and Itakpe -Warri railway systems and their corresponding terminal station buildings.

Others listed were Abuja and Lagos mass transit railways and other civil/highway engineering transportation projects which included the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

 “It achieves this by leveraging on its business and resource strength to meet local development needs.

“So as to support the implementation of the Nigerian National integrated Master Plan (NIIMP) and the Economic Recovery Growth Plan for 2017 to 2020,” Nwagbara said.

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