CDQ: “I Cannot Date A Nigerian Entertainer”

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Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, better known as CDQ has said he can never marry an entertainer despite being one himself.

The Illorin musician in a recent interview lamented about how difficult it is to get a girlfriend in the entertainment industry:
“For now, I am still observing. I don’t plan to marry anytime soon. I feel I will get married when God says it is the right t for me. Getting a wife would have been easier for me if I had a girlfriend before I became CDQ; I think about that a lot. When different ladies are interested in you, you must be wise because you don’t know their true intention.

He also suggests that a good number of girls are dating the artiste’s success not really the artiste

“Most girls, who like musicians, are only in love with their music, not the personalities. But I cannot marry an entertainer. Who will take care of the kids when we both need to go for shows? I don’t think love is blind enough for me to ignore certain things.”

CDQ also spoke of his struggles starting up his music career.

“When I wanted to leave my bank job, it was a tough decision for me, but my producer, Masterkraft, told me that I could not survive with the money I was getting from the bank. You know when you don’t have money to do things; you would doubt your talent. I thank Masterkraft because he made me to believe in myself. He assured me that things would work out for me if I could put in my best and I’m happy that things worked out.”

CDQ who was squatting at Ojodu Berger with Masterkraft over the last 4 years just recently built a house in Lekki and has posted pictures on Instagram. It is a lot better apartment he previously was squatting in..




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