Celebrity Chef Hilda Baci Settles the Jollof Debate: Declares Nigerian Jollof Superior

Nwaokolo Nneamaka
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Renowned chef and former Guinness World Record holder, Hilda Baci, has waded into the infamous Ghanaian jollof versus Nigerian jollof debate, boldly asserting that Nigerian jollof reigns supreme.

Hilda Baci

In a recent episode of the 90s Baby Show, Baci shared her perspective, stating unequivocally, “Nigerian jollof is actually better than Ghanaian jollof. I’ve been to Ghana and I’ve eaten their jollof. I’ve done a jollof competition with a Ghanaian chef who made his best representation of Ghanaian jollof, and I’ve seen the recipes. But with Nigerian jollof, Nigerians don’t play about flavor.

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Having participated in a jollof competition in 2021 and defeated Ghana’s Leslie Kumordzie, Baci has experienced firsthand the culinary showdown between the two West African nations. Her victory secured her a $5,000 prize and solidified her reputation as a culinary force.

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